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Ma vie n’arrete jamais!

17 Apr

I am so very desolee to those who have been trying to keep up with this blog thing I had going on here. (Apparently I’m not the best of all the bloggers!) But let me just tell you that my life is amazing. The weather in Paris has been pretty much perfect…for now. (Hello, seventy-five degrees, sunny, and flowing dresses today!) It’s supposed to cool down here soon, but I’m trying to pretend like that doesn’t exist.

Want to know why I’m trying so very hard to live in bliss? (As if I hadn’t already been doing that before…)
It’s because I finally must say it. I leave Paris in about three weeks. I will not talk about it anymore because with every time it crosses my mind, my heart breaks a little more.

I’m going to keep looking back to the past, instead of the future, for right now since the past year-ish is only filled with Paris, traveling Europe a tiny bit, and love. (Don’t worry, I’ll be back for some more very soon, France… You can count on it.)

Annnyways, did you know that Chrissy flew all the way to EUROPE for her very first time to come visit me? It was completely wonderful having her here. I haven’t actually felt an ounce of home sickness since I’ve arrived here, but once I saw her get off of the RER I was reminded of how great it really is to spend time with someone so dear to you.

So naturally, we decided to go to Florence, Italy, where we ate amazing food and our weight in gelato. (But obviously not enough, since I really miss it!) We decided to keep it less of a touristy visit and more of a “hey, let’s walk that way and see where we can lose ourselves now” kind of thing. Just the way I like it.

I’ve got to hurry off to sleep. Last film class presentation early in the AM! That means I’m leaving you here… But not empty handed, of course! I’ll throw some pictures at you instead.

P.S. If you find yourself in Florence, go to Vivoli for gelato. Homemade heaven! I’ve never had a pistachio flavor as amazing.