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Une journee a Bruge

17 Feb

On Saturday I went to Bruges for a second time with CEA for our first day trip of the semester..

With that being said, I’m sure it’s clear that Shayla and I went last month with Amandine and her parents when we were in Lille for a weekend visit.

Bruges is an adorable little city, and it only takes two hours (one on train, one on bus) to get there from Paris. So why not go again! Plus, with Amandine’s family we walked around taking in all the views. This time, it was time to walk around and take in all the food.

Everyone is so adorably generous and kind in Bruges. Although, I do question how many people actually live in the city. I felt like every single person we walked past were tourists! In each store we walked into, we were greeted with a smile. One of the chocolate shops (of the mass amounts that are in the city) kept walking past us, giving us samples from everything from chocolate ganache filled cookies and chocolate covered almonds. I think I died and went to heaven! I didn’t buy anything to take back to Paris with me food-wise from Belgium, just because I was stuffed from spending seven hours there! Hot chocolate (the best I’ve ever had!), three different varieties of gingerbread slices, the CEA hosted lunch of veggie soup, quiche, and amazingly rich (dark) chocolate mousse, fries… And of course, beer! We spent the afternoon walking around the city, doing a fair amount of shopping, where I only limited myself to a top and an extremely unique necklace. (It’s colorful! Who am I?)

As you can tell, Belgium is very close to my heart. (As in, in my stomach.) It was awesome! Again! (Although the 5:00 wake up time on a Saturday morning was not ideal.)

I’ll throw in a few photos from last trip, but since I didn’t take any of them, they are just reposts from my facebook. Any wishes for more photos will be fulfilled by looking there. 😉

P.S. Yes, Bruges was freezing last month! And yes, it is the cutest story-book like town. Heart melts.