Au Bonheur Des Dames et le RUGBY

6 Dec

Last weekend started out fantastic!

Thursday night, after running around, buying new tights (because I rip mine every SINGLE time I wear a pair) because we had to look nice to get into the club that we were going to that night, and leaving the Dali exhibit, we thankfully had enough time to make it home and get ready for Au Bonheur Des Dames. Basically, what this means is LADIES NIGHT! It’s this club that is only open on Thursday night, the entrance is free for girls all night long, around 9:30 they apparently have a buffet dinner (So they website says. We didn’t make it on time for this.), free drinks until 11:30, and at midnight they started letting guys in. We got there around 11:30, so unfortunately we missed out on a lot of the perks. The music was good, and we danced for a little bit, but the vibe was just a little off. Once they guys were allowed to enter, a few of them meshed in the crowd with some girls they knew. The rest of the guys stood around the outskirts of the club and around the bar, surveying the scene awkwardly as if it was a middle school dance all over again. After a bit of entertaining ourselves, it was time to get the heck out of there!

So we hooped on the metro, shot over to Chatelet, and went into the first bar we saw. Unfortunately, Paris rocks but not everywhere in Paris does. This place was a bust (In fact, Shayla knew it was, but I pulled her inside… as usual.) Scope out all the rooms, cheap shots, and we were on our way to another location.

Ended the night in a bar with a live band. An older crowd, but that’s okay because some nights they are more fun anyways. You can bet your bum that we ended up with pints of Guinness and dancing on stage.

We decided to keep the rest of our weekend rather relaxed. Friday we went to a movie (Twilight… I almost would have rather been shot in the foot, but I was being supportive of Shayla’s questionable movie taste!) and a nice dinner. The restaurant she chose for our date night was AWESOME, so that made up for the movie. 😉 It was a charming small room off of a side street in Bastille. The lighting was dim, but the restaurant was packed with a homely feeling. Wine, meals with bread on the side, and a shared French toast (du pain perdu). I was tired, full, happy, and ready to go relax at home. I guess the tired part makes since seeing as we didn’t finish eating until around midnight. So French of us! (Haha.)

Saturday night was the RUGBY game. I’ll admit neither of knew a thing about rugby, never seen it before, and it was freezing outside. But we found tickets that were only like 7 Euros. How could we not try out this new experience! I think I liked it… Other than the cold. I was bundled (as you’ll see in the photos), but I couldn’t get the chill to go away. Burr! We ended up leaving at half time, when it started to rain a bit, and ran across the street from the stadium to a cafe for some wine, pasta, and to watch the rest of the game on tv. Is it a total outrage to say I preferred it on television? Our seats were so far away, it really is hard to try to follow a spot you don’t know from such a distance, especially when you’re someone like me who can hardly follow a sport you’ve been familiar with all your life. (Which way are the people with the balls supposed to be running, again?)

Sunday, Shayla and I hopped on the RER (Short distance train) to go to Fontainebleau again. Friends of her grandmother live there, so we were invited out to come have lunch and spend the day with them. It really was so lovely. I forgot how comforting it is to go into a home-home with a motherly figure, all nice and cozy. I felt so welcome the whole time. We walked around the fantastic outdoor market they have in their little town, tried some cranberry nut nougat, and headed back to the house after strolling around and meeting up with Claire’s husband. Lunch was your typical Sunday meal. We started with apertifs of muscat with chips and peanuts before moving on to the dining room. On the lunch menu was boiled potatoes and sauerkraut, dipped in mustard for me. Add in three different meats, and that’s what they others ate also. (A typical Alsatian meal, which was our theme for the day). It was amazing! And got me even more ready to go to Germany this weekend! (I just realized I’m head over heels in love with sauerkraut…) Next was the cheese course, where we had an amazing arrangement of four different cheeses. I think these were some of the best cheeses I’ve ever had in my life! Finally, a homemade chocolate pudding (creme au chocolat). I usually don’t eat pudding, but this rocked. After dessert, you had back into the living room for coffees and we munched on the rest of the nougat. Crazy, full, and four hours later, Shayla and I were just about ready to pass out right there on their couch. We took a few pictures, and then we were on our way back to the train station. I think that was the best Sunday I’ve had in such a long time. The familial feeling is just so heart-warming. I can’t wait to do it again sometime.

This week has only consisted of homework and fighting a cold. Next week is the kick off of finals death-like studying, so that will be rather unpleasant. Thankfully, Shayla is going out of town for the weekend to see her family in Lyon, so I won’t have any bad girl distractions to make me want to go out! (What am I talking about? I’ll admit us going out is usually my fault!)

This evening, it’s off to Germany! Eeeeeeek!

We stole a rose off of the metro on our way out.

We stole a rose off of the metro on our way out.

We became obsessed with said rose.

We became obsessed with said rose.

The we got kind of creepy with it... Don't ask.

The we got kind of creepy with it… Don’t ask.

Randomzzz 008 Randomzzz 009 Randomzzz 010 Randomzzz 011 Randomzzz 014

Racing Metro 92!

Racing Metro 92!

Randomzzz 020

More cheese, please!

More cheese, please!

shaylaclaireetmoi shaylaetmoi


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