Versailles… Encore!

1 Dec

I think I’ve fallen in love.. with Versailles (which I’m sure is simple for anyone to do. How do you not fall in love with an elaborate chateau that housed royalty?).

Last Saturday, CEA took a group of us there for a day trip. We began at an adorable little creperie, where we had salads, galettes (eggs, cheese, and tomato for me!), sweet crepes (vanilla ice cream, please!), and rounded off the meal with a nice cafe (I’ll take a cappuccino!). Yes, it sounds like a lot. Yes, it is. But that’s how you eat in France. You do a big lunch and you don’t really snack throughout the day. Big meals go with the culture!

Next, we were off to the chateau de Versailles. I had already done the gardens and the domaine de Marie Antoinette, so I wasn’t too disappointed that it was cold, and we “only” had time to do the chateau itself. It was perfect for me! We split away from the group, after being given our individual audio guides to tell us more information. I was calm and at awe with the vast grandeur that surrounded me. I couldn’t help but be taken aback by my surroundings. I really felt like I belonged there. I’m thinking about renting out as my summer home next year. I think the elaborate fountain walks would make for a fine summer day, don’t you? 😉

At 4:00, we were told to meet our group at a cafe called Angelina. The original is located in Paris, known for it’s hot chocolate and Mont Blanc, and it was the gathering spot for many of the important women of Paris in the past. Coco Chanel used to be a regular! I hadn’t visited the one in Paris yet (Hoping to be doing that sometime soon!), but there is now one in Versailles also. CEA treated us to an sugar-overdose and it was fantastique! Of course I chose to go with the house specialties, and they did not disappoint. The hot chocolate was rich, thick, and a little bitter with dark chocolate undertones, served with fresh whipped cream. (France’s whipped cream rocks.. It’s never sweetened, so it cuts the richness!) I also tried the Mont Blanc, which I can’t really explain what it was. I believe that it was a really dense chocolate whipped cream like substance on the top, but the texture reminded me more of marzipan. It was filled with a cream that also incorporated chestnut flavors inside of it. And the bottom had merengue-like. So good! I’ve heard the hot chocolate at the Paris location is better, so you can be sure that I’ll try it out sometime soon!

On Thursday, CEA also treated a small group of us to go see the Dali exhibit that is in the Pompidou right now. Students get free entry in the Pompidou, but not for the exhibits. Only for the permanent museum, so this was a treat! Let me just say, I freaking love Salvidor Dali! We weren’t allowed to take photo in the exhibit, but I’m okay with that. I believe art exhibits shouldn’t be photoed anyways. If you ever have the chance to see a Dali exhibit with your own eyes, do it.


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