Le week-end dernier et cette semaine etaient tres cool!

14 Nov

Things have been awesome here in Paris.. as usual! (Don’t mean to rub it in, but I mean, how can I not?!)

Friday night of last weekend we headed over to an apartment where three guys lived with Amandine to have drink before we went out dancing. Shayla and I were completely excited to go out with a French group (as we always are, every weekend) and to find new places. It’s funny how you can forget that you’re in Paris, you can forget that the options are unlimited, and you can fall into a rut of going to the same places over and over… So once we left the guys’ apartment to head to the club, we found out that we were heading to Cafe Oz Denfert-Rochereau… The exact place we find ourselves every weekend! It may not have been somewhere new, but it really want a good time. And thankfully, the group we were with were awesome and the music is always great for dancing! We didn’t end up heading home until 5:30 in the morning. A little later than we were hoping for due to the excursion we had planned with CEA for Saturday morning.

Bright and early, 7:45 (after our alarms had already gone off at 7:00 and we missed them… All three of them), Julie woke us up to let us know that it was time to get up. We literally had ten minutes to roll ourselves out of bed and out the door. This may explain the fact that I forgot to brush my hair and put on make up. But we made it on time for our train to Fontainbleau in Avon! This beautiful little town is located just 45 minutes outside of Paris. We were guided on a little hike through the woods, which I’ll admit, was kind of weird to do with a giant group of students on a Saturday morning after not sleeping. No one was prepared. No one wanted to hike. But it was only about an hour and a half, then we headed to the restaurant for lunch. IT WAS AMAZING. I’m not exaggerating. Amazing. The first course was a chevre chaud (which if you haven’t gotten by now, means warmed goat cheese on toast salad, AKA my favorite) for the entree, the plat for the vegetarians was an amazing lasagne (I may even dare to say that it was one of the best lasagnes I’ve ever had), and dessert was a beautiful apple tart. All this was served with des carafes d’eau (water pitchers), orangina, coca, ou du vin. (Wine and water for me baby!) The meal was rounded off with cafes all around. Parfait! Afterwards we were free to head over to the Chateau. Fontainebleau is the chateau where kings used to go for hunting trips. Yes, that does mean that Marie Antoinette went here. And it’s elaborate, and it’s beautiful, and I really could see myself living there. The norm. The gardens in back were even more amazing! They have one in French style, with much more squared structure. I really do love French gardens. They are so representative of French culture in general. They also have an English garden, with a more lax, romantic structure. It looks like your typical beautiful garden for a nice stroll, and it was 100% enjoyable, even more so due to the fact that the leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground as fall progresses. I was in love, lack of sleep and all.

Not only did this past weekend kick booty, but so has this past week! It good to make friends with the people who work as CEA. Due to this fact, Shayla and I were offered the extra seats for a musical theatre presentation, qui s’appelle 1789: Les Amants De La Bastille. It was the story of the Revolution, but not only from the royalty’s view, with modern music, historic scenes and dressing, and amazing dancing. It was a real life, HUGE musical of which many French people had been looking forward to themselves! I definitely can see myself going back to another show! I’m having such a blast seeing all the theatre shows and shows in general that I have in Paris. They’re so well done!

Here’s an example of a song from the musical. Imagine this with lights, better dancing, and more emotion:


Tonight is our night in, and then tomorrow night is out Friday! No class for me, and Shayla gets out at 2:00. We plan to head to the Catacombs for both of our first times!


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