8 Nov

Last Wednesday was Halloween… Although I’m pretty sure you’re all aware of this.. In France, Halloween is only now starting to get big. As in, they all think of it as a holiday for being spooky, if they even think of it at all! Being our wonderful American selves and deciding to have our tourist stay-cation in Paris, we knew we had to find something to do to celebrate! We were scattered around the town Tuesday, trying to figure out costumes. The costume stores here are definitely not the same. At all. It was literally a tiny room with a couple random, goofy accessories and masks. No full costumes. Shayla, being her wise self, bought sparkly Minnie Mouse ears at Disneyland for her costume. Nicole, my friend who told us about the party we were going to on the Champs-Elysee, found nerd glasses and suspenders, and I… Well, I found a boa. And decided to be a 60s call girl.

It was fun getting all dressed up for the night. And after waiting, and getting together for drinks before going out, and traveling the 45 minutes on the metro, I needed to eat. So us dressed up, non-scary girls had to make a little pit stop for a sandwich. And then we spent the night dancing it all away!

Halloween may not be the same here, but it was still amazing!

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