La Premiere Moitie De Mes Vacances

7 Nov

Sorry I’ve been a little incognito! Life here has been busy, busy, busy. If I’m not out doing something entertaining, I’m in class or trying to relax a bit or wandering around the city. I don’t like to have much down time since there’s so much to do! We had the last week off for Fall break, so Shayla and I decided on a little stay-cation in Paris. Which consisted of partying, restauranting, site-seeing, laughing at things/people, and just overall enjoying ourselves. We also went to Disneyland Paris with our friend Gyzmo, the bartender. No time for saying much, I’ve got to get ready for class!

Coming up next? Halloween fun and Lizzy’s weekend visit de Barcelone!


2 Responses to “La Premiere Moitie De Mes Vacances”

  1. Mom November 8, 2012 at 2:55 am #

    Looks like a great time. I would love to say i have been to disneyland in paris. Can’t wait to hear more exciting adventures. xoxox

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