Je suis… ou?…

17 Sep

After a nice day spent with a nice someone, I decided late afternoon on a Sunday was the perfect time to walk around with no intention of going anywhere in particular. I’ve been making this a normal routine for myself and I. Love. It. Almost too much. But that’s impossible because there’s no reason I shouldn’t be in heaven just simply walking around in Paris.

But wait, I didn’t just end up somewhere random! Saturday and Sunday of this weekend were Heritage Day, so most of the monuments were free.. And I just so happened to stumble up the Pantheon.. As I saw a big group of people being ushered in, I decided I might as well hop right in with them!

Also, because I could, I also stopped in the Mairie de 5e arrondissment… AKA the mayor of the 5th districts building. It was a beautiful building and had some awesome architectural art in the salle des fetes. (Party room, what?) Unfortunately, I don’t like taking touristy pictures, so I didn’t. Sorry guys!

After a few hours, I decided to get going with my wandering again. Lunch time happened, so I stopped at a little cafe to get a Caprese Panini to go, which I ate on a bench to people watch. After I finished, I looked up and realized I was right next to the Jardin Du Luxembourg!

I wandered into the gardens and realized that it’s probably one of my favorite spots in Paris.

The gardens are massive with green chairs situated all around, so you can move them and take in all the sun. There’s room to run, and people sit all over the lawn to picnic. Maybe I’ll end up there to do some homework Wednesday night.

And as a reminder that not everything can be perfect, I was thirsty as hell and thought it was an awesome idea to buy a tonic water from one of the vendors. A can of tonic water is not usually two euro.. Until you decided to buy it at an over-populated area on a Sunday (when more than half the city is closed down..)

Take this as a warning: This stuff is poison. Stay away. I can usually palate just about anything, and after one sip, straight into the garbage it went! Des-gust-ing.

After my thirst set in (Isn’t funny how it amplifies when you can’t fix it?), I went to go grab my passe navigo out of my purse when I realized that I forgot to put it back in there! It was in my apartment. Three hours of walking, and I had to walk myself back home instead of taking the metro. Thankfully I did have my map. Such a failed, yet perfect Sunday.


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