9 Sep





















CEA took us on a mystery trip Saturday. We all arrived at the train station bright and early Saturday morning, half of us still asleep, half of us extremely excited just to hear where we were going… The coordinater decided to make the email a joke email, in which I misinterpreted eveything about what to bring. Apparently we really were supposed to bring bathing suits, and not dress for freezing cold weather. As I’m sure you realize now, the destination ended up being Deauville-Trouville, Deauville being the expensive classy yet small town where the American Film Festival was being held while we were there and Trouville is an adorable fishmen’s town that even comes with the real fresh fishy smell. Both of these towns, being side by side as shown in the picture above (linked together by one bridge near the train station), have such nice beaches and the weather yesterday was hot and perfect. Well, not perfect for boots, jeans, and a scarf. I was sweating my butt off.
































We stopped at a cafe for lunch where I ordered the warmed goat cheese and walnut salad. Heavenly, as always! I’ve been eating a ton of goat cheese (and all other cheeses) here, and I don’t hate it. Not one bit.












Almost everyone else I was with ordered one of Normandy’s specialties: Les moules frites. Translation: Mussles with fries. They smelt amazing and the reviews were that they tasted pretty awesome too.












After a bit of strolling to make my mass consumption of food feel a little bit better, Chris and I broke off from the group to walk around both of the towns. While most people went to the beach, I wasn’t exactly prepared for it and wanted to explore the two towns instead. So that’s what we did.
































Finished off the last two hours in Deauville at another cafe to try yet another regional specialty: la tarte aux pommes. They serve it cold, which was exactly what I wanted since it was so hot outside. Of course, Chris and I had to get it topped with vanilla ice cream and espressos on the side. Had to use up all of those food vouchers! And then it was back to Paris! Getting away was fun, but towards the end I was ready to come back. I really love living in Paris.


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