Miam miam!

4 Sep











Before class starts today, Julie and I took a little outing. We were going to walk to the Catacombs, which are surprisingly close to our apartment (about a fifteen minute walk without using the metro), but the line was extremely long. Today’s just not our Catacomb day, apparently!

Instead, we decided to se promener… encore! Which is really becoming my favorite thing to do on Earth. It’s just hitting me how much I really love walking without a destination.










The only problem with all the walking is that it’s too hot to wear anything except for flats still. My little feetsies are turning into goblins, they’re so painful. Have you ever seen pinky toes covered in a giant blister? I have! Not pretty.

After leaving you with that nice image, I’ll tell you about where we ended up!

Mouffetard, again! Probably my favorite street in all of Paris. I was going to take pictures there to show you all, but I got swept away for the second time by all the beautiful little shops lining the road. It’s so picturesque, like the epitome of Paris, with cheese, fish, and bread markets, fresh air markets with fruit and vegetables, gelato shops, places to shop for clothing and souvenirs, cafes situated on the side of the road…

I may or may not have bought a studded leather jacket…

And we may or may not have ended up in a gelato shop…

And that was only less than half of them!

Check out those cute flower shapes! In love. Now I’m off to class. Later tonight it’s off to the bar back in Mouffetard for ladies night… Once I finish my class reading, bien sur!


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