Le Week-End!

3 Sep

I can’t believe the first week has gone by so quickly.. And my weekend flew by even faster. I hardly remember it being here, wow! Here’s what it consisted of:

You already know Friday night, so I’m skipping to Saturday. The only thing I found at the flea market that I wouldn’t mind having. Too bad I did mind the price tag… Ouch!










After the flea market, Julie, Taylor, and I stopped for some Chardonnay et deux cafes. I love how it’s normal here to stop at a cafe as often as you want, spend as much time as you’d like, and drink your beverages in good company. You do pay for the table service (usually about two or so Euro), but it’s worth it. When you just want a quick coffee or drink of some sort, you drink it at the counter, therefore you don’t pay for table service.

















After that I went to the Eiffel Tour with Julie, Taylor, and Greyson…

Looking like a fool…

…Then off to Sacre Coeur, where I met up with my friend Chris and some girls he met that are in another program. There we sat on the steps with many other people, drinking wine, and enjoying the view. From Sacre Coeur you can see almost all of Paris. It’s really beautiful. Sunday, I hung out with Christophe and his close friends. We did what the French called se promener, which mean to walk. Paris has so many huge, beautiful parks. They’re in every neighborhood, so it’s normal here for you to go stroll around the park with friends for a few hours. And that’s what we did. Walked a little here, layed down a bit there, and took in all the views. Blissful is the perfect word to describe it. Moments like that make me step back and appreciate my surroundings even more. I was in Paris.












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