Finalement, La Tournee!

1 Sep








Buckle up! It’s time for a bus tour with me and Tara.. Except the fact that this was two days ago. I’m really bad at keeping up with the time. And add in the fact that I don’t remember what much of anything was. Soooo annnyways, I guess it’s better to call this my time to smash together as many pictures from a bus’ window as I can in one post!

On y va!

















Here is a bit of the Sorbonne.










Can you believe a handful of students have the opportunity to go here for their French classes if they chose the language program? It’s seriously amazing, and HUGE. I’ll have to show you CEA soon too though because it’s really beautiful.

















And here is one of the newer museums in Paris. The architect is a female who is very important to her industry right now because of her ability to design with such bizarre shapes.















And the Notre Dame, of course. A must.








This is the Obelisque de Louxor, which was a gift to Paris from Egypt. In between the top and bottom, it’s completely covered in hieroglyphics. Very impressive!










And these are the crazy French college students, hazing their new classmates. They make them do different tasks throughout the week, as a form of “welcoming them”. Here they are split into team and running back and forth, in a very public place, trying to fill a bucket with water from the fountain the fastest using their shirts, pants, whatever they had. Extra points if they could get the girls to take their tops off! Woo hoo!

















Plus a stop near the Eiffel Tour for a photo opportunity. And then it started to rain! It made for such a beautiful sight, but my outfit decision was definitely not the best…as usual. The rain was cold. The sun was gone. And I was stuck in a shorts, tank top, and scarf that I made into a shawl. Brrr, so cold! Here’s my friend, Chris, taking his touristy picture.








And now, my turn!








And on our way back, I saw a museum with a vertical garden! It’s an anthropology museum about people from all over the world, but it’s completely gorgeous. Apparently a lot of the attractions have to be kept outside due to that culture’s beliefs. Very different.










And that wraps up my bus tour.. At least, a shortened version of it. I’m really grateful that CEA arranged it for us, giving me the opportunity to realize where everything is in relation to the city. There’s so many things to see, but I’m not a big fan of touristy outings… So this is probably the last touristy post you’ll be seeing in a long time. None-the-less, very cool!

Other than that, I’ve been going to orientation meetings at school, exploring, and going out. Last night I had my first full meal in a little cafe on the Rue Mouffetard, where I had an avocado salad, vegetarian plate of the night, and my first creme brulee here! So good. Afterwards, a small group of me and three other girls went to a pub, where we made friends with funny guys. My interactions with French people are very hilarious. Many things get lost in translation, but each side is really willing to try to make friendship. I’m enjoy those experiences the most.

And for those of you who wanted to keep updated about my date, things went well! And we’re hanging out again tomorrow (aka Sunday) during the day, then at night going back to the club (Cafe Oz) where we have been hanging out at to watch soccer. Not too shabby! 😉

Today we slept in, as usual. I think I’m pretty jet lagged. Without an alarm set, I’ve been waking up past 10:00 every single day, which is very rare for me. We went to the flea market, which I’m guessing turned out to be the outskirts of town. Very run-down, and probably not the safest of all places. I may be back to look around eventually, but most of the group didn’t seem to enjoy it much. It was slightly stressful. We stopped for lunch in a little to-go type of cafe. I got a slice of quiche with zucchini and goat cheese. Best. Quiche. Yet. So perfect.

Tonight’s plans: I’m making dinner of my regular at home meal here, some baguette sliced open with camembert and tomato, heated in the toaster over, salted and peppered. Then it’s time to get cleaned up and head over to meet with some friend on the grass near the Eiffel Tour for a few bottles of wine and possibly dessert of some sort, if we’re in the mood… Maybe I’ll just have an extra bit of wine instead!


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