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Mes parents sont arrives!

28 Sep

Tuesday and Wednesday were exactly what I had been looking forward to.. My parents came to visit with Steve and Pam! What a jam packed two days. Unfortunately, the planning didn’t go well, so if they were to have been here Wednesday and Thursday instead, I wouldn’t have had to miss any classes. But I’ll take what I can get! (Especially because who knows when the next time will be..)

The arrived bearing birthday gifts! Such as this beautiful mini dark chocolate mousse cake-like things that was pure heaven!













Tuesday consisted of stopping all around the city at different cafes for drinks and enjoying the company of each other. Plus a little shopping and stopping on the Champs-Elysees.

Smile everyone!













Wait, what?













Tuesday night, my parents, Amandine, and I went out to an Italian dinner for a late little birthday celebration. And it was perfect. I wish I took pictures of the food, but I was too busy enjoying my surroundings. We started with a roasted vegetable salad with cheese topped tomatoes on the side. Then my mom and I shared a vegetable pizza, wine all around, and a tiramisu to finish it all off.

Wednesday was tourist day! Walked around inside the Notre Dame..













Went to the top of the Eiffel Tower.. Unfortunately it was freezing as hell, and I completely forgot we were even going to do this when I got ready, so a nice little photo session and we were back down. Just too cold to stay and look at the views for too long! The air felt like winter all the way up there and the winds helped cool you down even quicker. But the view… It’s worth it!















































Unfortunately, once we got down from the top of the tower, it was time for me to zoom off to class. I had my first French exam, and I definitely couldn’t ditch that… Such a bummer! So my parents left Paris shortly after I left them. I’m so grateful that I got to spend the time that I did with them. It was a nice, quick visit, but as I said, I’ll take all I can get! Who knows when I’ll be able to see them next.

Other than this visit, I’ve just been eating mass amount of bread (I think I need to get dressed so I can go outside and grab another baguette!), walking around to explore, and pretty much doing the same thing I always do here now, enjoying my life. It finally stopped raining today, so I think I’ll pack up my books and head off to some sort of garden to get a bit of homework out of the way.

A tout a l’heure, mes amis!


C’est ma vie!

23 Sep

I’m the worst blog writer on Earth, but I think it just has to do with the fact that as I adjust to life in Paris more and more each day, there’s less to say. I feel like I’m starting to establish somewhat of a routine, making the fun facts that I wanted to share something that I enjoy but am not surprised by any longer.

It’s clear that this is not a vacation anymore; this is my life. (I think the biggest reality check of that is the fact that I have my first test in Haute Couture tomorrow. Yuck!)

Time for a mini-recap of the week!

Tuesday was Cafe Gourmand that I signed up for with CEA. They took us to a wine bar where we got to do a little tasting in the downstairs cellar. I had so much fun! We tasted a white and a red wine, and were served some cheese plates with the best cheese I’ve had to date. Heavenly! The blue cheese and the red wine were my favorite… I need to start writing down specifics so I can remember what things are though!

Tuesday was also when our new roommates, Shayla and Marnie, arrived! Unfortunately we were gone almost all of the day and night with classes, but I did manage to take Shayla out to a bar once I got home. Wednesday night, we had a picnic at the Eiffel Tour with salads, bread, cheese, and a bottle of wine… And then took nerdy pictures. The ones on her camera turned out better, so I’ll post them when I have the chance!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On another day, I took Shayla for a walk around the city to grab some felafels for lunch. She had never had one before! (Plus, this place definitely has the best I’ve ever tried.) So it was necessary. 😉 On our walk back to the metro, I realized we were near CEA and we both had a ridiculous sweet tooth. Enter Francois Pralus: Maitre Chocolatier. And you know we had to buy the mini loaf of their house specialty, the praluline. As their website describes it, “An amazing pure butter brioche generously filled with pounded pralines.” I believe it also had some sort of raspberry, and it was amazing. Unfortunately, because this place is located on my way to CEA, it’s going to be difficult not to buy one every day!













For the weekend, we’ve just been going out to bars and clubs, dancing all night long, and luckily staying out late enough every time that we are able to catch the first morning metro around 5:30! Wow, it’s fun. But I’m glad Sunday is here. I definitely need to catch up on a little bit of normal life time and a little less going out.

Je suis… ou?…

17 Sep

After a nice day spent with a nice someone, I decided late afternoon on a Sunday was the perfect time to walk around with no intention of going anywhere in particular. I’ve been making this a normal routine for myself and I. Love. It. Almost too much. But that’s impossible because there’s no reason I shouldn’t be in heaven just simply walking around in Paris.

But wait, I didn’t just end up somewhere random! Saturday and Sunday of this weekend were Heritage Day, so most of the monuments were free.. And I just so happened to stumble up the Pantheon.. As I saw a big group of people being ushered in, I decided I might as well hop right in with them!

Also, because I could, I also stopped in the Mairie de 5e arrondissment… AKA the mayor of the 5th districts building. It was a beautiful building and had some awesome architectural art in the salle des fetes. (Party room, what?) Unfortunately, I don’t like taking touristy pictures, so I didn’t. Sorry guys!

After a few hours, I decided to get going with my wandering again. Lunch time happened, so I stopped at a little cafe to get a Caprese Panini to go, which I ate on a bench to people watch. After I finished, I looked up and realized I was right next to the Jardin Du Luxembourg!

I wandered into the gardens and realized that it’s probably one of my favorite spots in Paris.

The gardens are massive with green chairs situated all around, so you can move them and take in all the sun. There’s room to run, and people sit all over the lawn to picnic. Maybe I’ll end up there to do some homework Wednesday night.

And as a reminder that not everything can be perfect, I was thirsty as hell and thought it was an awesome idea to buy a tonic water from one of the vendors. A can of tonic water is not usually two euro.. Until you decided to buy it at an over-populated area on a Sunday (when more than half the city is closed down..)

Take this as a warning: This stuff is poison. Stay away. I can usually palate just about anything, and after one sip, straight into the garbage it went! Des-gust-ing.

After my thirst set in (Isn’t funny how it amplifies when you can’t fix it?), I went to go grab my passe navigo out of my purse when I realized that I forgot to put it back in there! It was in my apartment. Three hours of walking, and I had to walk myself back home instead of taking the metro. Thankfully I did have my map. Such a failed, yet perfect Sunday.

Samedi a Versailles

16 Sep

This weekend a group of us hopped on an RER train to head out of the city and into Versailles. It’s amazing how with the RER system, it’s only about 25 minutes on a train to get there! And on weekends the RER works for no extra charge with our Passe Navigo Decouverte.

Here’s another post that’s going to be mostly just pictures since I’m supposed to be doing homework right now…

Tres occupée..

13 Sep

I’ve been ridiculously busy doing many different this, so I thought I’d give you an almost wordless Wednesday sort of post… On a Thursday… Because I’m about to go out and get my all night student happy hour on…

Here’s the beautiful birthday cake that Julie surprised me with.


















It was a cake made out of chocolate mousse (dark, white and milk) with a creme brulee-like topping. Heavenly!






















Chris and Tyler joined us for dinner, bearing champagne and a baguette. Of course they were welcome in our house!

Next, I went to the Centre Pompidou before class on Tuesday to kill some time. Definitely my favorite museum I’ve been to yet (except the Gugenheim).














































And then I went to the Louvre today to do some homework. Its fun to be able to say that I had to go there to take notes about the fashion in paintings.











Oh, and this is how I get coffee for class!






















So cool! C’est tout! Au revoir.

Bonne Anniversaire A Moi!

9 Sep

New friends, an old friend, drinking at Pont Neuf, stepping in a giant pee puddle, clubbing, getting lost, waiting outside the metro for half an hour until it started running again at 5:30 in the morning…I’m not going to try to recap my Saturday night out, but I’ll share a few photos.

Les Americaines.

And today? I went and got mes macarons like I’ve been saying that I would! I went to both Pierre Herme and Laduree. Pierre Herme? Purely heaven.  I got one that was caramel with a browned butter filling, and the other was rose. They were both heavenly. The caramel one was very, very boldly flavored. The rose was light and delicate… And I think it’s my new favorite flavor. Pierre Herme really knows how to make a perfectly textured macaron.

At Laduree, I got a praline flavor and raspberry. I haven’t tried them yet, but I can promise you it’ll be happening soon. I don’t know if Pierre Herme can be beat! But the inside of Laduree was beautiful.

For the rest of my birthday today, I get to relax! And maybe I’ll go for a walk when it cools down outside because right now it’s so HOT. We’ll see!


9 Sep





















CEA took us on a mystery trip Saturday. We all arrived at the train station bright and early Saturday morning, half of us still asleep, half of us extremely excited just to hear where we were going… The coordinater decided to make the email a joke email, in which I misinterpreted eveything about what to bring. Apparently we really were supposed to bring bathing suits, and not dress for freezing cold weather. As I’m sure you realize now, the destination ended up being Deauville-Trouville, Deauville being the expensive classy yet small town where the American Film Festival was being held while we were there and Trouville is an adorable fishmen’s town that even comes with the real fresh fishy smell. Both of these towns, being side by side as shown in the picture above (linked together by one bridge near the train station), have such nice beaches and the weather yesterday was hot and perfect. Well, not perfect for boots, jeans, and a scarf. I was sweating my butt off.
































We stopped at a cafe for lunch where I ordered the warmed goat cheese and walnut salad. Heavenly, as always! I’ve been eating a ton of goat cheese (and all other cheeses) here, and I don’t hate it. Not one bit.












Almost everyone else I was with ordered one of Normandy’s specialties: Les moules frites. Translation: Mussles with fries. They smelt amazing and the reviews were that they tasted pretty awesome too.












After a bit of strolling to make my mass consumption of food feel a little bit better, Chris and I broke off from the group to walk around both of the towns. While most people went to the beach, I wasn’t exactly prepared for it and wanted to explore the two towns instead. So that’s what we did.
































Finished off the last two hours in Deauville at another cafe to try yet another regional specialty: la tarte aux pommes. They serve it cold, which was exactly what I wanted since it was so hot outside. Of course, Chris and I had to get it topped with vanilla ice cream and espressos on the side. Had to use up all of those food vouchers! And then it was back to Paris! Getting away was fun, but towards the end I was ready to come back. I really love living in Paris.