Une Visite Dans Mon Appartement

28 Aug


The first day in France was exhausting from jet lag, but so fun! Last night we ended up having a group over for beer, wine, and bread… Which somehow ended up being my dinner. The group of us went through three baguettes on the first night. Holy merde! No wonder I was so full.

Today’s been day one of an orientation, which was a little talking and then a tour around the third and fourth arrondissements, where my university is located, so we could know the area a little better. We’ll all be spending so much time around there, so it was great to see little places to eat and how much life is in each neighborhood.  We stopped at Nectarine, a little cafe, for lunch where we were all served une quiche provencale, which was AMAZING, and a side salad. Of course the meal began with baguette slices and ended with crepes of our choice. I drank a sparkling water and selected a strawberry jam crepe. The meal ended with espresso. Parfait! I think it’ll be a long, long time until the Quest protein bars I brought will even be touched… Unfortunately, I forgot my camera AGAIN so I was unable to get photos of lunch and the tour, but I promise you I’ll be back to get pictures of the sites there. I mean, I’ll be there definitely three days out of every week for classes anyways.

On my way home, a patisserie with les macarons caught my eye, and you know me. I HAD to dive in for two pistachio flavored one. I mean, the girl with me had never even tried these little pieces of heaven! It was a must… I’ll always have every excuse to get real French macarons.

And here is a quick little tour of our adorable apartment. Since we had people over and two girls have been living here for a month, don’t mind the mess. I’ll be doing a deep cleaning after they move out on Thursday, just so we can have a fresh start. But overall, I love the place:

Our kitchen. Cooking is going to be HARD here because all the cooking utensils are awful. I might just have to buy a new knife and pan.

Our little window-less bathroom. We have to open up the whole house after showers to avoid mold! The toilet is behind the door, so it’s a little bigger than it looks.

Where I’m sitting now to blog! The view is amazing no matter where you go in this city.

On tonight’s agenda is probably whipping up a salad or something for dinner, unless I feel like eating out.. Maybe I’ll just go buy another baguette seeing as they’re only around eighty cents here. This is going to get dangerous!I can tell I’m already going to continue to fall more and more in love with this place.


2 Responses to “Une Visite Dans Mon Appartement”

  1. Chrissy August 28, 2012 at 10:32 pm #

    So cute! well atleast your bed looks big enough for you and I to share 😉

    • chasingparis August 29, 2012 at 3:05 pm #

      Head to feet, baby. Or spoons. Take your pick!

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