Flying In The Skyyy

27 Aug

You know, I usually really enjoy traveling through multiple airports. This trip? So not the case.

My morning started bright and early, as in 3:15 in the morning, to have enough time to get my butt up to Reno and through security for my 6:30 flight. I’m still completely indecisive on if the sleep was worth it. Should I even call it sleep? I tried to go to bed at 8:30 Saturday night, but I woke up every hour at least once, typically twice. I woke up with a blast of energy on Sunday morning. Oh, was that just my second wind that would have been helpful if I stayed up all night? Cool. Thankfully Reno is probably the easiest airport to navigate through and I’ve done it a hundred times, so sleep walking once my energy wore off was not an issue.

So dead to the world, even I’m a blur… Or maybe that’s my photographer dad’s sleep shakes coming through?









After a flight that was a little under three hours, I’m in Dallas with a five hour layover. In case you weren’t aware, there’s nothing to do in an airport for five hours. You can only eat so many times (I already had lunch at Au Bon Pain and still need to kill over four hours…). I’m assuming I’ll just spend the rest of the time not sleeping and riding the Skylink thing to all the different terminals. That subway in the sky is the highlight of my day. You know what is definitely not the highlight? The fact that the Dallas airport has a weird looking castle town thingy but NO free wifi. What year is this? 2005? Come on, Dallas, you cheapos!










Sorry, that was just my exhaustion talking. I’m hoping to be able to sleep on the flight from here to Paris, which is supposed to be my overnight… Um, Losing seven hours? Also not fun. Once I get into Paris, it’ll be 9:00 in the morning and CEA has a whole day planned for us. I’ll be looking a hot mess, confused as hell and, if my incapability to sleep on planes continues, I’ll be tired as hell too. Yuuuuck! I’m already questioning what day it is. Sunday? Well I’m pretty sure it’s 11:19 at home, and NOT 1:19, so I’ll just pretend I ate lunch at the time it is at home. Meaning it’s totally ice cream o’clock here. That’s all that matters. Is that a Ben & Jerry’s I spot?



UPDATE: I’m in Paris and I love my apartment. I’ll try to update you guys with apartment pictures and things, but my roommates move out thursday so I may be busy hanging out with them and orientation!


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