Time’s Almost Up and The Perfect Summer Side

25 Aug

The day’s almost here for me to voyage a Paris! I’ll be heading to the Reno airport in exactly THIRTY ONE hours. This is getting so real… I mean, I did spend the majority of my day trying to fit my life into one suitcase. (Turns out, it really is impossible to pack a year’s worth of belongings into one, so, unfortunately, two it is!) I’m nervous and excited and feeling every thing that I was feeling before, but amplified. All that’s left to do is unpack all of my packing and hope that there are things I can convinced myself to leave behind. I’m not sure I’ll be able to lug all my luggage (Har har! 😉 ) around by myself when I arrive. Or I may just be the stupid American bag lady. Whatever.


Annnnyways, I made this salad. And it was the best summer salad. Putting it together was so fun and stupidly easy that I hope anyone who reads this considers to do the same with their leftover watermelon. Because we all know there’s always leftovers, regardless of how much you try to calculate the right amount to buy.

See? Leftovers… Whomp whomp.

And for once in my life, I forgot to take a picture of the actual salad. Who am I? Make it anyways.


Watermelon, cubed

Red onion, very thinly sliced

Cucumber, thinly slices and halved, leaving the rind on for a little texture and fiber

Fresh mint leaves, minced

Juice from one whole lime

A generous amount of feta

Sea Salt


Proportions are to whatever might be your liking. So. Fresh! Also considering combining all the dressing ingredients together with a little olive oil and some finely diced fresh jalapeno next time. Sounds kind of fun.


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