Z Bistro in Carson City, Nevada

16 Aug

Last week I was at Trader Joe’s in Carson City, grocery shopping for the last things we needed to do a catering during the weekend, when I ran into an amazing woman who asked me why on earth I would be buying six watermelons. I got to explaining that I am going to study in France for the next year and am interested in staging in a patisserie while there. Turns out she’s a chef who cooked at the governor’s mansion, was the dessert chef at one of the nicest restaurants in town, and has many other achievements under her belt. She even sous-chefs occasionally for a French chef and owner of the Z Bistro in Carson City. She gave me her email and we ended up planning a lunch there together.

After much excitement, the lunch finally arrived today. And it was amazing. The company, the food, the mood, everything. Amazing.

Here was our meal:

I usually spend too much time intrigued by everything on the menu at places like these, so I decided to go with the first entree that sounded perfect to me, which was one of the day’s specials. And it was the perfect choice of a baby kale salad with fresh figs, mozzarella, fried wonton strips, and a fig balsamic vinaigrette. (It usually came with pancetta, but I, of course, ordered it without.)












Michelle ended up ordering another special. I don’t know all the details of her dish, but I believe it was rock fish, grilled peaches, and a saffron israeli couscous. Gorgeous!















The chef sent us out a complimentary bowl of cold strawberry soup with whipped mascarpone. OH MY GOODNESS. This was heavenly. So simple, but with such a fresh taste. My favorite thing I tasted throughout the meal, and yet it wasn’t something I would normally order. Just fantastic.










Finally, the desserts!

One of the best crepes I’ve tasted in a long time. This buckwheat crepe with slightly crispy on the outside, filled with homemade lemon curd then topped with lemon butter and fresh whipped cream.












And you can be sure that I ordered creme brulee because it’s my favorite dessert of all time. The custard of this one was completely beautiful with specks from the fresh vanilla bean prevalent throughout. Surprisingly, while this was great, it wasn’t my favorite part of the meal… I think that was only because everything else was better than I imagined.











I was overly full, my face hurt in the best way possible from smiling and laughing, and this opportunity was amazing. Chef Gilles said he’ll speak to a friend about possibly helping me find a stage, and I made a new friend with a European regular at the restaurant who will be near while I’m in France.

Honestly, I’m surprised that I never knew about this restaurant any sooner.

Anyone who goes through Carson City should really check this place out. I highly recommend it.

Z Bistro

725 Basque Way  Carson City, NV 89706
(775) 885-2828


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