Lettuce Wrapped Tacos

14 Aug

I feel kind of ridiculous for even posting a recipe for something as simple as these tacos, but I made them for my parents and myself last night, and oh my god, were they good. And easy. Who doesn’t want that?

For the meaty filling:

Morning Star Veggie Crumbles for the vegetarians

OR ground beef for the meat eater.. I’m sure you could use ground turkey also. I haven’t tried it. (I made both beef and veggie crumbles, since my parents are carnivores and I am not, but my dad liked veggie crumbles so much they would have been okay with either.)

Good Salsa (I like this one from Trader Joe’s for cooking and then we have an amazing homemade one that will burn your mouth off that I use as a topping)

Seasoning salt


Diced Onions

I put all ingredients into a pan on medium low heat. (Seperate pans for meat and veggie crumbles, of course. But I season them the same.) Once all cooked up and the real meat is browned, I like to turn up the heat just a little to get a deeper browning on them. Salsa, onion, salt, and pepper can be added to your own liking, but I’d say for about 1 cup of meat/veggie crumbles, I used one HEAPING tablespoon of salsa and one heaping tablespoon of onions. Cooking this all should take only about ten to fifteen minutes, depending on preferences.

Guacamole ingredients:


Diced onion

Chopped fresh cilantro

Chopped fresh jalapeno

Fresh lime juice

Diced Tomatoes

Garlic Salt

Find the proportions you like and mix, mix, mix. I don’t like to over mix mine because I like to leave it chunky.

The rest of the “taco” ingredients:

Big leafy lettuce (We used red leaf, which was great!) Cleaned and left in whole pieces.

Plain greek yogurt

Thinly sliced fresh jalapeno

Your favorite salsa

Cheese if wanted (My parents used feta, and they said it added a good flair!)

Okay, now here’s the steps:

Layer, fold, and eat! Doesn’t get much easier…


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